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Law and Religion Scholars Network


Controversies surrounding the wearing of Islamic dress and the status of Sharia law underscore the growing topicality and importance of law and religion. It is not surprising therefore that the last twenty years has seen the gradual development of law and religion as an area of academic study.

The Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN) is designed to bring together for the first time academics who are interested in all areas of law and religion: national and international law affecting religion and religious law.

The Network, an initiative of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff Law School, allows those interested in the field to share experiences and ideas, to build links in relation to both research and teaching and to reflect upon how law and religion can be promoted as a mainstream legal discipline.

LARSN currently has almost 300 members. It is convened by Dr Russell Sandberg.  Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Russell Sandberg on if you have any queries.

LARSN Conference 2011LARSN Conference 2011LARSN Conference 2011


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