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The following links relate to law and religion in the United Kingdom, including applicable EU and international laws. For information about law and religion in other Western European countries, seeFrank Cranmer, 'Notes on Church and State in Western Europe'


Ecclesiastical Law Journal:

Journal of Law and Religion:

Journal of Church and State:

Law and Justice:

Oxford Journal of Law and Religion:

Religion and Human Rights:

Research Groups, Clusters and Centres

Applied Study of Law and Religion Group:

Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff University:

Centre for the Study of Law and Religion, Bristol University:

European Consortium for Church and State Research:

University of Hong Kong, Law and Religion Course:

International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies:

Law and Religion Mailbase:

Primary and Secondary Materials

British and Irish Legal Information Institute:

Employment Appeal Tribunal Judgments:

European Court of Human Rights Case Law Database:

ECHR Decisions regarding religious freedom:

Religion-related norms in European Union law:

Eurel Sociological and Legal Data on Religions in Europe:

International Document Database:

US State Department International Religious Freedom Reports:

Ecclesiastical Law: The Online Legal Resource Site of Mark Hill:

Law and Religion UK by Frank Cranmer and David Pocklington:

Neil Addison’s Religion Law:

Comments upon English Ecclesiastical Law by Phillip Jones:

Bodies and Organisations

Charity Commission:

Churches' Legislation Advisory Service (CLAS):

Ecclesiastical Law Society:

European Court of Human Rights:

Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator:

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland:

Laws and Regulations of Religious Groups

Interfaith Legal Advisers Network - Laws and Regulations:


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