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Case Database 2000

This list includes significant judgments delivered in 2000.

United Kingdom

A (CHILDREN), RE [2000] EWCA Civ 254 (22 September 2000): conjoined twins shared an aorta and it was common ground on all sides that if they were separated one would die and the other survive, but that if they were not separated both would die: it was held that their conflicting interests could be balanced so as to allow the one to prevail against the other and that the operation to separate them would be lawful: (2001) 146 L&J 38–56,147 L&J 89–113.


CHA’ARE SHALOM VE TSEDEK v FRANCE [2000] ECtHR (No. 27417/95) (27 June 2000): refusal to approve a facility for ritual slaughter in accordance with the very strict religious prescriptions of ultra-Orthodox Jews (for whom meat is unclean unless glatt, ie from an animal with unblemished lungs) did not violate the right to manifest under Article 9 ECHR (thought, conscience and religion) since meat that was glatt was readily obtainable from Belgium and there were kosher butchers who sold meat certified as glatt by the Beth Din.

THLIMMENOS v GREECE [2000] ECtHR (No. 34369/97) (6 April 2000): a Jehovah’s Witness previously imprisoned by a court martial for refusing to wear military uniform subsequently came second in a competitive examination to appoint twelve chartered accountants: the relevant board’s refusal to appoint him on the ground that he had been convicted of a felony violated Article 14  ECHR (discrimination)  taken with Article 9 (thought, conscience and religion) and there had also been a violation of Article 6 (fair hearing).

LARSN Case Database

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